How to educate the public about local drug problems without discrediting victims? Can't we prevent early drug addiction by targeting information and communication at eye level?
The Pathfinder is a revolutionary mobile app that aims to educate the public about local drug problems and prevent early drug addiction. By targeting information and communication at eye level, the app connects by public wifi in relevant areas of the city and presents users with area-specific information about drug use.
But the Pathfinder isn't just about presenting facts and figures. It's about real people and their stories. The app features personal testimonials from real drug addicts and homeless people, providing a unique and engaging perspective on the dangers of drug abuse.
Using a chatbot, users are guided through the web app, reflecting on their own situations and learning from the mistakes of others. In the end, they can choose to take this valuable input to heart or contact a social worker for more information and help.

The Pathfinder service design concept was developed in cooperation with social workers, homeless people, and drug addicts in Düsseldorf. 
To support fast development and MVP testing, I used low-key sketches, storyboards, and flowcharts, working with a variety of users and academic consultants.
This app is a design study between UWID - University of Wuppertal and HSD - Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences.

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