Customer-centric methodology toward meaningful, tangible, and measurable CX improvements
In this project, we aimed to improve the customer experience (CX) for healthcare professionals and patients using a customer-centric methodology. 
Recognizing that CX is more than just touchpoints, we set out to explore and understand the complex healthcare customer experience at various levels and in various markets.
As part of the CX by Design program team, we developed a new method for identifying unheard customer and user needs and providing tangible, scalable recommendations for improvement. We conducted numerous interviews, surveys, and analyzed data to understand the various roles and connections involved in the customer experience.
Our approach aligns with the model of total experience, recognizing that CX is connected to the user experience, employee experience, and the delivery of products and services. 
As project co-lead, I led a team responsible for identifying problems and opportunities in Philips' customer experience and providing concrete recommendations for improvement. I also continue to lead two other project teams within the broader CX program team.
Through our efforts, we hope to achieve meaningful, tangible, and measurable improvements in the customer experience for healthcare professionals and patients.
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