Development of a new innovative health watch, focusing on what matters.
In 2014, our design class was given the challenge of developing a new and innovative health watch. 
As someone with a background in medical care, I was excited to take on this project and create a device that would empower users to feel confident in their health data.
The result of my efforts was the Pace Watch, a simple yet powerful tool for tracking and maintaining health and well-being. 
Its key feature is its ability to monitor heart rate, a crucial indicator of both physical and mental health. 
The watch's pointer is always parallel with the edge of the watch, indicating equilibrium. If the heart rate deviates from the norm for an extended period of time, the pointer will turn to the speed-related side as a subtle hint that it may be time to seek professional consultation.
In addition to its functional design, the Pace Watch also boasts a sleek and modern appearance. 
The process of creating the watch involved creating mood boards, sketching out various design ideas, and using computer-aided design (CAD) to finalize the technical model. The watch was then rendered in Photoshop to give it a polished, finished look.
Overall, the Pace Watch is a practical and stylish tool for anyone looking to track and maintain their health and well-being. Its focus on simplicity and user empowerment sets it apart from other health tracking devices on the market.
This project is an independent design study not related to any brand.

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