Explorative project analyzing the health care environment in Europe. Identification of new business and innovation opportunities.
In this project, we set out to explore the healthcare environment in Europe and identify new business and innovation opportunities.
Our team of six strategy students had just one semester to get to know each other, set roles, understand the industry, and present our findings to our customers. 
To do this, we immersed ourselves in the daily routines of doctors and nurses, participating in surgeries and analyzing processes and behaviors from every angle. We focused particularly on the journey of patients from the ward to the surgery room, wake-up, and ICU, looking for problems and opportunities for improvement.
We gathered data from institutes, papers, and regulators, and also developed a 3D model of a rural hospital to visualize the various players and interactions within the hospital infrastructure. Using this model, we were able to track down problems and identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.
To further our understanding of the human players involved in the healthcare environment, I developed a service blueprint covering all relevant roles. 
This blueprint provided a detailed overview of the interactions and meetings of all involved persons within the hospital infrastructure, and also took into account the general health status of patients, staff, and external visitors, as well as their estimated stress levels.
With all of this information at our fingertips, we were able to identify key problems and root causes, and present our findings to our customers through short storyboards and individual images. 
These visual aids helped us to tell a more engaging story and facilitate detailed discussions about the opportunities we identified.
The project's result is the property of Johnson & Johnson USA and stays confidential. Therefore only selected content can be shown.

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