Development of a new beard trimmer, considering evolving user needs, trends, and brand heritage.
As part of a student co-op with Johnson and Johnson, I worked on the development of a new beard trimmer for Braun, a company with a strong history in design. 
The goal of the project was to consider evolving user needs, trends, and the brand's heritage in order to create a product that would be both functional and appealing to consumers.
To achieve this, I conducted a thorough analysis of current trends and the brand's DNA in male grooming products. 
From this analysis, I was able to identify areas for improvement and developed a solution that simplifies the use of the product and reduces the amount of equipment and complexity involved.
The new design is focused on the user experience, with the aim of making the beard trimmer an integral part of the morning routine for its users. To ensure that the design would be both functional and user-friendly, I used computer-aided design (CAD) to create a ready-for-production solution, and produced photorealistic scale models to test ergonomics, usability, and user experience.
The final concept consists of a main body and an inductive magnetic wall mount, and the CAD model is fully detailed and ready for production. 
Overall, this project allowed me to explore the design process and consider the various factors that go into creating a successful product that meets the needs of its target market.
UWID and P&G Braun supervised this design study.

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