UX-transportation design opportunities in level 5 autonomous driving in a sharing economy 2030.
Step into the future of transportation design with me! In this exciting project, I had the opportunity to work with Jeep USA at DAAP to explore the potential of UX-design in level 5 autonomous driving and the sharing economy.
Imagine a world where you don't own a Jeep, but instead rent it and share it with other users. And once you're inside, you can't even drive it yourself - it's fully autonomous
Sounds like science fiction? I think it's the future, and I set out to show the multiple ways in which the Jeep brand DNA and offroad properties could be leveraged to create new user values in this exciting new world.

To bring the concept to life, I used a staged approach, starting with exterior design estimations and moving on to user experience VR simulations. 
Using virtual reality, I was able to mark dimensions on the floor and simulate interactions and room comfort to align the VR 3D model with the tested user experience. 
And when it came time to finalize the look and feel, I used mood boards to explore not just color and material graphics, but the whole Jeep brand DNA for the future state.

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