Drawing example to showcase my Photoshop rendering process
As a designer, I rely on a staged approach to sketching in order to bring my ideas to life. 
The first step in my process is to generate a large quantity of ideas through brainstorming and sketching, with the goal of coming up with around 50 concepts. 
This helps me eliminate more obvious solutions and encourages creative thinking.
Once I have a set of basic shapes to work with, I create a mood board to help define the details of the design based on the brand's DNA and the needs of the user. 
This helps guide the development of the final form.
Next, I may engage in some artistic experimentation to explore different looks and feels, even if they may not be feasible in terms of manufacturing or materials. 
This helps me come up with unique solutions and push the boundaries of my design.

Finally, I carefully consider the final form from all angles and perspectives, ensuring that every surface is well-designed.
In the final rendering stage, I use a combination of natural material textures and techniques like strokes, lighting, and shading to create a photorealistic hand drawing in Photoshop. 
I also remove outlines to achieve a more realistic result.

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